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Dynaflex is an innovation and not imitation in exercise world. Dynaflex constantly sets the standard for quality. Dynaflex is the premier manufacturer of chrome plated, stainless steel, as well as plain and aluminized carbon steel exhaust products for the heavy duty trucking industry. Dynaflex introduces, to the industry the best exercise equipments. We maintain a level of quality chrome plating that has not been duplicated in the industry. Dynaflex offers replacement of products for all models of Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Freightliner, General Motors, Ford, International Harvester, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt and Western Star as well as generic products that will adapt to a number of other applications.

DynaFlex gets the gyro up to operating speed with the push of a button. The Dynaflex is compact and easy to use. It can be put on desk, table, or any other place you like to keep your Dynaflex. Dynaflex uses stiff plastic material by conventional vinyl pressings. Dynaflex records used a flexible formulation that allowed RCA to use less material, saving money and also making the record appear to lie flatter on turntables. Industries record pressing plants were using reground vinyl, taking old records, removing their paper labels, then melting them down and reusing the plastic components to make new records for Dynaflex.

Dynaflex proceedings were flexible enough that they literally flopped back and forth when held in the hand. Dynaflex gives flexibility also gave them theoretically more resiliancy in shipping, resulting in fewer returns from retailers due to breakage and cracks. Dynaflex was little more than a smokescreen to allow RCA to employ less vinyl material than in a traditional, thicker pressing. Dynaflex assures for sound quality and works for better processes for removing impurities in the vinyl compounds; others felt that Dynaflex pressings were both noisier and lacked bass frequencies compared to conventional records. Dynaflex is a completely different system from RCA's Dynagroove, which introduced a predefined amount of distortion during the record cutting process. Dynaflex fulfills a broad spectrum of customer specifications. Dynaflex are soft and flexible to feel and gives excellent grip characteristics. More over, it gives good weatherability and easy processability and colorability. Dynaflex products are available FDA and medical grades, translucent and clear grades. Dynaflex should be personally cared, soft touch handles and grips, non slip surfaces on personal electronics. They offer sports grips and padding also.

Dynaflex course provided a great workout with a distinct twist on Isometrics. Dynaflex is used by tugging on the starter cord or quickly swiping it over a smooth surface. Dynaflex gives the strength and coordination of your hand, wrist and arm is being improved. Using the Dynaflex is a great way for golfers, tennis players, hockey players, bowlers, and many other athletes to gain a serious competitive edge. Any athlete whose sport requires a strong grip will benefit from the unique workout the Dynaflex provides. Dynaflex is also great for those with rehabilitation needs from repetitive motion injuries or arthritis. Dynaflex is an innovative way to work for arm muscles. Exercisers workout with Dynaflex in their fitness exercise are as little time consuming and effort as they can put in to various exercises according to their will.


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DynaFlex Pro

This has to be the most fun you can have while working out...More Info

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DynaFlex Powerball Blue


Welcome to the DynaFlex Powerball. Like the DynaFlex Pro, the DynaFlex...More Info

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DynaFlex Arm Shaper


The DynaFlex Arm Shaper does what it says. Get the Gyro spinning and grip...More Info

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DynaFlex Core Trainer

Get the Ultimate Core Workout from the DynaMax Core Trainer...

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DynaFlex Docking Station

Use the DynaFlex Power Docking Station to instantly start up your DynaFlex Pro...More Info


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